Tokyo Marathon 2024 Weather Information

Marathon Race

The following is a summary of the weather conditions on the day of the Tokyo Marathon 2024 on March 3,2024, as of 9 am on February 28, 2024.
I hope this information will be helpful to runners and supporters on the day of the race.

  • Weather forecast is for clear skies.
  • Perfect conditions with temperatures around 10°C
  • Wind direction is basically southwest, with light winds forecast.
  • The main tailwind sections will be 9-10km around Ueno, 15-18km towards Asakusa, and 38-41km after the turnaround at Mita.
  • 9am:4~7℃
  • 12pm:9~11℃
  • 15pm:12℃

Weather conditions on the day

Weather / Temperature

With the extreme fluctuation of temperatures and weather in Tokyo this week, there were concerns about the weather conditions for 3/3. However, Windy reports that the weather is expected to be sunny, with temperatures ranging from 4-7°C at 9am, 9-11°C at 12pm, and 12°C at 15pm, although there is some variation according to each weather forecast model.
The conditions will be perfect for the marathon.


Wind direction is basically southwest, Weak winds are forecast at 0-3 m/s at 9am, 5 m/s at 12pm, and 3-6 m/s at 15pm.
The main tailwind sections are expected to be approximately 9 to 10 km around Ueno, 15 to 18 km toward Asakusa, and 38 to 41 km after the turnaround at Mita. It is very nice to have a tailwind after the last turnaround at Mita. On the other hand, it means a headwind until the turnaround. Let’s do our best until the turnaround.